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Healing from the Inside Out

October 5 – 8, 2021

The CWRU Center on Trauma and Adversity will host the 3rd Annual Expanding the Toolkit: Trauma-Informed Practice Institute in October 2021 virtually.

The focus of this year’s Institute is on healing from the inside out. Four nationally renowned keynote speakers will focus on the role of the nervous system in healing from individual, intergenerational, and collective trauma. Following each keynote, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in facilitated discussion, hear from panelists, or engage in self-care offerings.

The Institute will attract thousands of helping professionals worldwide, including mental health professionals (social workers, counselors), direct service providers (child welfare, residential staff), peer support professionals, educators, and human resources. The goal of the Institute is to provide resources and information to promote a more resilient, interdisciplinary network of practitioners; enhance interprofessional collaboration and connectedness among a network of transdisciplinary professionals providing trauma-informed care; and improve the quality of care for individuals, families, and communities experiencing trauma and adversity.

Registration cost: $150

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