Dakota King-White, PhD

Dakota King headshot

Dr. Dakota King-White is an Associate Professor with the Center on Trauma and Adversity. She is also an Assistant Professor and School Counseling Coordinator in the Counseling Department in the College of Education and Human Services at Cleveland State University. Dr. King-White received her Ph.D. in 2012 in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Toledo. She has an extensive background in working in K-12 education where she has served as a school counselor, mental health therapist, and administrator. Dr. King-White is an expert in trauma-informed practices including developing interdisciplinary mental health models and trauma-informed organizational standards. Dr. King-White is a national public speaker and trainer.

Dr. King-White studies the psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects of parental incarceration and strategies to developing mental health models in K-12 schools. Through her research she has designed a group counseling curriculum for children of incarcerated parents, which has been implemented within K-12 education. Her most recent tool for children of incarcerated parents is a children’s book, Oh No! When a Parent Goes Away. She has also created a mental health model that is used in K-12 education to help address the mental health needs of students within the academic setting. The model is an interdisciplinary approach to addressing mental health needs within schools. Dr. King-White is passionate about children succeeding and believes that ALL students can succeed if given the right tools and opportunities.

Dr. King-White is a Co-Investigator on the Trauma-Informed Neighborhood Resource and Recreation Center project, which is transforming the City of Cleveland’s 22 recreation centers into trauma-informed organizations.

Phone: 216-687-5291
Email: D.L.KING19@csuohio.edu