Laura A. Voith, PhD

Assistant Professor
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Dr. Voith has worked over the last decade to address violence against women and youth through counseling, agency- and community-based coordination efforts, and research.  
Her research focuses on the prevention and intervention of violence against women by working with boys and men to uncover the etiology of violence though the lens of trauma and health disparities. Her research shows that exposure to adversity and violence in family- and community-settings in childhood and adolescence are significant factors that, if gone unaddressed, can lead men to perpetrate violence in adulthood.  Dr. Voith’s research aims to inform the development and evaluation of violence prevention programs with at-risk youth and improve batterer intervention programming with men. 

To learn more about her research team, their current projects, and dissemination go to the Healing, Empowerment, Antiviolence Research Team (HEART) page.

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Teaching Information

Teaching Interests

Doctoral Student Mentoring

Dr. Voith is committed to the development of the Mandel School’s doctoral and masters-level students. Her mentoring philosophy is grounded in the basic tenet that through scaffolded, collaborative, and experiential learning opportunities, students will develop the requisite skills to launch their careers as independent scholars. Working with Dr. Voith, students will have the opportunities to learn the processes of grant writing and manuscript development, co-author manuscripts, and present at national conferences. She also welcomes the opportunity for doctoral students to complete a teaching mentorship in one of her current courses.

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Courses Taught

SASS 500: Community Trauma and Resilience: Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice
SASS 555: Women’s Issues
SASS 638. Integrative Research Seminar


Recent Publications

To see Dr. Voith's publications, go to her Google Scholar page

Carlson, J., Voith, L.A., Holmes, M.R., & *Brown, J. (Accepted). Applying a Developmental, Social Ecological, and Survivor Lens to Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence: The Current State, Challenges, and Future Directions. Violence Against Women.

Yoon, S., Voith, L. A., & Kobulsky, J. (2018). Gender Differences in Pathways from Child Physical Abuse to Adolescent Risky Sexual Behavior in a High-Risk Sample. Journal of Adolescence, 64, 89-97.

Voith, L.A., Holmes, M.R., & Duda-Banwar, J. (2018) Clicking toward Better Grades: The use of Student Response Systems in Social Work Education. Journal of Social Work Education, 1-11. doi: 10.1080/10437797.2017.1283268

Voith, L.A. & Brondino, M.J. (2017 Epub ahead of print) Neighborhood Predictors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Theory-Informed Analysis using Hierarchical Linear Modeling. American Journal of Community Psychology. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12163

Voith, L.A. (2017 Epub ahead of print). Understanding the Relation between Neighborhood and Intimate Partner Violence: An Integrative Review. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse. doi: 10.1177/1524838017717744

Voith, L.A., Anderson, R.E., & Cahill, S.P. (2017 Epub ahead of print) Extending the ACEs Framework: Examining the Relations Between Childhood Abuse and Later Victimization and Perpetration With College Men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Voith, L.A. & Blakey, J.M. (2016 Epub ahead of print) Restoring and Empowering Traumatized Girls in a Philippines-Based Independent Living Program: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 1-12. Available online at:

Voith, L.A., Topitzes, J., & Reynolds, A.J. (2016). Violent Victimization among Disadvantaged Young Adults Exposed to Early Family Conflict and Abuse: A 24-year Prospective Study of the Victimization Cycle across Gender. Violence and Victims, 31(4), 767-784. doi: 10.1891/0886-6708.VV-D-14-00090

Yoon, S., Kobulsky, J., Voith, L.A., Steigerwald, S., & Holmes, M. R. (2015). Gender differences in caregiver-child relationship mediation of the association between violence exposure severity and adolescent behavior problems. Child Abuse & Neglect, 50, 104–15. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2015.10.012

Holmes, M.R., Yoon, S., Voith, L.A., Kobulsky, J. & Steigerwald, S. (2015). Resilience in Physically Abused Children: Protective Factors for Aggression. Behavioral Sciences, 5(2), 176-189. doi: 10.3390/bs5020176

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Doctor of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Master of Social Work
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Bachelor of Arts
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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  • Children, Youth, and Families


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