Advising Support

Business Hours

The Undergraduate Advising Support Office is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Drop-In Hours

Need to talk? We host remote and in-person drop-in hours every weekday.

Mission and Values

We serve CWRU undergraduate students, faculty, and campus partners using evidence-based advising practices. We view students as individuals, providing personalized guidance that empowers them to make informed decisions toward their academic, professional and personal goals.

We realize this by:

  • treating students with dignity and respect, adhering to the highest ethical standards.
  • being accessible and approachable to students, faculty, staff and campus partners.
  • upholding the academic policies and requirements governed by faculty.
  • continuous improvement in knowledge, policy and procedure to improve student academic progress and outcomes.

Four-Year Advisors

Your four-year advisor works with you from before your arrival on campus and through to graduation. Your four-year advisor can:

  • connect you to curricular and extracurricular opportunities and refer you to campus resources; 
  • serve as a point of contact to understand policies, procedures and requirements;
  • review your progress toward graduation, including your credit history, course schedules, and schedule changes to guide you toward timely completion of degree requirements;
  • support you and coordinate assistance if you encounter challenging times.
  • and more! Learn more about working with your four-year advisor.

The Student Information System (SIS) names your four-year advisor and includes their contact information as well.

Meet Our Staff

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