Placement and Proficiency Examinations for Transfer Students

Mathematics Placement

The math diagnostic is available through the Roadmap and is only required for transfer students who need to take calculus and have not met the prerequisites through transfer, AP, or IB credit. 

Writing Sample

Transfer students who did not complete the equivalent of a First Year Writing Requirement at their previous institution will be provided a link to complete the writing sample. The writing sample will be provided to your Academic Inquiry Seminar instructor so that they have a sense of your reading and composition skills. This writing sample will not be graded, nor will it earn you Case Western Reserve University credit, or appear on your official transcript. You do not need to prepare for this writing sample.

Modern Language Placement

Students should begin their study of language based on previous experience in that foreign language. As a general rule, one year of language in high school equals one semester in college. (Thus, Spanish 1=SPAN 101, Spanish II=SPAN 102, etc.) In general, those who have completed one year of language in high school may enroll in our 102 level, those with two years in high school are eligible for 201, and those with three years of high school language should take 202. Students with four years of high school language and /or AP/IB credit may take beginning 300-level courses (less than 350). Students with no prior language experience may begin at the 101-level.

Students who do NOT fit into the formulas above and who are thus uncertain of their placement may contact faculty members teaching the course in which they want to enroll to discuss their background in the language.

Proficiency Examinations for Case Western Reserve University Course Credit

Proficiency examinations allow students to receive credit for a Case Western Reserve University course by passing an examination for that course. These examinations are optional, and are intended for students of high ability who have taken advanced work in high school (beyond the normal high school level) or who have studied a subject independently, but who may not have had the opportunity to take AP or IB exams, or did not earn transfer credit for a course. For students passing proficiency exams, credit will be indicated on the transcript by the symbols PR. No letter grade is given and proficiency credit does not count toward the GPA. Visit the Proficiency Exams webpage to learn more about the proficiency exam schedule for the upcoming semester as well as how and when to register.