Transfer and Dual Degree Student Registration Guide

A professor standing in front of a classroom.

The Transfer and Dual Degree Registration Guide provides an overview of the course registration process and information on academic opportunities at CWRU. Please read it carefully and use it as a resource in planning your academic career. 

This guide has been created to assist with developing a schedule and registering for your first semester classes at CWRU. You should review all the information in this guide prior to fall semester registration.  In this guide, you will find information about academic requirements, instructions for completing various registration-related tasks, academic advice, and supplemental information. Make sure that you allow yourself ample time to read through this guide. You are not expected to commit this information to memory, but you should become familiar with it and know to access it as needed. More details about all the items referenced in this introduction are contained throughout the guide. Be sure to review it thoroughly.

What to expect from the registration process this summer

Questions concerning course selection and transfer credit should be directed to Assoc. Dean Steven Scherger in the Advising Support Office. He will be your Four-Year Advisor during your time at CWRU. To contact Dean Scherger, please email