3-2 Dual Degree Program for Engineering Students

Students who have attended one of 50 select liberal arts colleges in the United States and Puerto Rico, with whom Case Western Reserve has a 3-2 agreement (three years at a liberal arts school and two years at the Case School of Engineering) and have been admitted to the dual degree program should follow the procedures for registration with the following considerations:

  • Dual degree students are not required to complete the Unified General Education Requirements.
  • Dual degree students who have met the requirements of the program and the requirements at their liberal arts colleges will need to complete: ENGR 145, ENGR 200, ENGR 210, and ENGR 225 unless transfer credit has been awarded.
  • One course in natural science, mathematics, or statistics is required if transfer credit has not been awarded for an approved course.
  • ENGR 398 plus ENGL 398 must be completed at Case Western Reserve.
  • Complete all courses required for the major
  • A minimum of 50 semester hours must be completed to graduate from Case Western Reserve University.

NOTE: Dual degree engineering students are also required to meet with the program coordinator early in the first semester of enrollment.

Please contact:

Deborah Fatica
Assistant Dean, Division of Engineering, Leadership, and Professional Practice
Nord Hall, Room 312