Advising in the Majors and Minors

Academic advising is an important component of the educational program at Case Western Reserve University. Academic advisors assist students in the exploration of academic opportunities at the university and in the selection of courses. Advisors may refer students to other sources of information and assistance at Case Western Reserve. Students are expected to initiate and maintain regular contact with their advisors to address the student’s curricular and career concerns, and to review progress toward graduation. Students are expected to meet with advisors when declaring a major or minor, before registering for classes each semester, and when making corrections to their academic requirements reports.

Advising in the majors and minors

Although many new students enter with definite goals, they are not assigned advisors in a major until they have officially declared the major. Students who are ready to declare a major may do so beginning in the first semester. Those in the 3/2 Engineering Program should declare majors within the first two weeks of classes.

When a student selects a specific major or minor, the academic representative assigns a faculty advisor. A choice or change of major or minor is not recorded for any student until the major or minor declaration form, bearing the signature of the student, the name of the advisor, and the signature of the academic representative of the major or minor has been submitted to the student's navigator and has been forwarded by the navigator to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 447 Sears Building (refer to the major declaration process.) Students are expected to meet with their advisors to discuss course selections and to release advising holds prior to registering for classesStudents who have not declared a major should continue to consult with a dean in Undergraduate Studies.

Opportunities for exploration of majors and minors include departmental information sessions and individual conversations with faculty and academic advisors. Students engaging in further exploration of majors are expected to declare a major before their third semester of enrollment.