Major Declaration Process

Many transfer and dual degree students are ready to declare majors within the first semester of enrollment at Case Western Reserve University. If you are ready to do so, the following steps outline the process of declaring a major:

  1. Obtain the major declaration form (pictured below) in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears 357 or online here, Take the form to the department representative in your intended major for his/her signature and assignment of a major advisor.
  2. All students must indicate when they entered CWRU and their student status (e.g., transfer, dual degree). Your intended graduation term and year must also be entered. It is okay if this date changes in the future.
  3. Students interested in pre-medicine/pre-dentistry, or pre-law should mark the respective box on the declaration form.
  4. Once completed, bring the yellow copy of the form (or a printed copy if completed online) to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears 357. The declaration of major is not official until it is submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
  5. A separate form must be completed for each major declared.
  6. Entering nursing students do not have to declare their major.
  7. Transfer students are expected to declare a major before registering for their third semester. Beyond that point, students who have not declared a major will have a registration hold placed on their accounts until they have done so. Transfer students who will have earned fewer than 60 credit hours (including transfer, AP, IB and proficiency credit) by the end of their second semester  may request that their dean in Undergraduate Studies allow them to register for the next semester by lifting the registration hold. Students may later change their majors should their academic interests change.
  8. The process for declaring a minor is the same as the major declaration process. A separate minor declaration form must be completed for each minor declared. Students cannot declare a minor until they declare a major.
  9. Information regarding academic requirements is available through SIS. (Click on Campus Community, then Student Services Advising Center, and select Academic Requirements from the drop-down menu near the top of the page.) It will keep you on track with degree requirements and it will be major-specific once you have declared your major. Students who declare majors by Oct. 1, 2018, must contact their  assigned faculty advisor s to  remove advising holds in order to register for spring semester. Please contact Dean Anderson if you have not declared a major by that date.‌