Guidelines & Resources

From the start of their college careers, ESP students receive intensive academic and emotional support. They work closely with the program’s leaders, who advocate on their behalf, provide encouragement and guidance and connect them with resources across the university. Students learn how to build mentoring relationships with their professors and develop a strong peer support network. When necessary, the program helps students reassess their intended majors and career plans, and it exposes them to a wide range of opportunities, including research positions and summer internships.

The web content management system is meant to empower you to create better websites and, therefore, better experiences for your users. By using the university’s installation of the Drupal web content management system, you agree to adhere to the accessibility and web writing guidelines.

Proper accessibility practice ensures everyone can use your site, regardless of ability. The CMS handles most of the accessibility for your site, but you are responsible for the accessibility of your content. Learn how to create accessible content.

How you write content and the language you use affects the tone of your content—and how your audience responds to it—as well other metrics, like how high your site appears in search engines like Google. Find out more about web writing best practices.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us.