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Sitiemprove Training Schedule
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We look forward to helping you learn more about what Siteimprove has to offer. Please RSVP three days in advance of the training you would like to attend. 

What is Siteimprove? 

Siteimprove is a system that can help you check for everything from broken links to potential misspellings. Each Drupal site will receive weekly Quality Assurance reports detailing any errors the site is having or any potential accessibility issues that can be fixed. 

How can you use Siteimprove? 

Broken links, wordy/difficult to understand content and accessibility issues can have a negative effect on your site rating. It's important that search engines are able to properly scan your site, and users are able to access your content regardless of whether they are looking at your site visually or using a screen reader. Your weekly report will help you detail any areas you can improve your content, such as links that need to be updated or images you might want to rethink using for accessibility reasons. 

Get help! 

We're offering regular training sessions to help you interpret and work with your weekly Siteimprove reports. You can view all of the upcoming training sessions on our Siteimprove Training Calendar. Please RSVP three days in advance for training.

In the meantime, you can visit the Siteimprove Help Center to learn more about how to get up and running in Siteimprove.  

If you have any questions please let us know