Drupal Training and Drop-In Sessions

Upcoming Drop-In Sessions

Training for New Drupal Users

If your site is not yet in the content management system, we will organize your training as part of our overall process. You do not need to sign up online. If you have someone new in your department who needs Drupal training in order to access and begin managing your website, please submit a help desk ticket

Support for Current Drupal Users

We offer drop-in training for any questions you might have that can't be solved through a help desk ticket. This is not a replacement for official training—when you have a new employee who needs to be trained in Drupal, please have them request in-person training via a help desk ticket at help.case.edu. We will set them up as soon as possible!

Drop-In Help

Google Analytics Drop-Ins

If you have questions about your Google Analytics Looker Studio report, please submit a help desk ticket or email help@case.edu to request a separate drop-in session.

Drupal Website Drop-Ins

We are still happy to provide drop-in training sessions for those who have questions about their Drupal site! All drop-in sessions are currently being held over Zoom. To get help setting up your Zoom account prior to RSVPing you can visit the [U]Tech website for more information. If you have questions about the upcoming drop-in format, please email help@case.edu and let them know you have a site in Drupal. To RSVP for an upcoming session, add your name and CWRU ID to the sheet below. 

Please note: Drupal drop-in sessions are for users who are currently managing a website in the university's content management system. For other questions, please email help@case.edu

See a full list of upcoming drop-in times and RVSP.