Blog: 9 Female Tech Influencers You Should Be Following on Social Media

As we continue social distancing, people everywhere are increasingly turning to social media platforms as a medium for exploration, education and inspiration. Therefore, we at Women in Tech (WIT) have compiled our favorite female tech influencers on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to give you a daily dose of inspiration and help stay attuned to the events that are occurring in the field (ones with an asterisk are alumnae of Case Western Reserve University):


Social Media Influencers CWRU WIT should follow


  1. tamarajohanna. Tamara Johanna inspires women to live a balanced life through a career in information technology. She is the founder of FIIT Collective, which is a global support network for females working in tech or for those considering information technology as a career. Tamara also runs The Females in Tech Show podcast, which covers career advice and personal stories of successful women in tech. Her Instagram photos will inspire you to explore and follow self-care practices as well as to optimize your thinking and productivity for a sustainable career.

  2. Girlknowstech. As a blogger, YouTuber and Instagrammer, Marie-Philippe Gill covers a variety of topics on her platforms, from giving tips on how to create an editorial calendar to sharing her weekly adventures as a software engineering student from Montreal. She even shares live study sessions on her YouTube channel. Marie is passionate about inspiring women to get into tech and raising awareness of female voices in the industry.

  3. Thatcodingyogi. Are you interested in a female tech influencer who mixes spirituality, yoga and tech while bringing a visually pleasing aesthetic to everything she creates? Look no further: On her Instagram page, Antonella takes you through her experience as a computer science student and shares ways to create new habits for a balanced life through mindfulness and meditation. As a proud Latina in STEM , she is also an advocate for inclusion and diversity in tech and uses her platform to help her community and others.

  4. Reshma Saujani. Reshma Saujani is best known as the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit organization that gives young women the skills and the courage to become “tech superstars” and succeed in the realm of computer science. As the author of an international bestseller, “Brave Not Perfect,” she encourages women to fear less and fail more, and to be brave in a way that she believes our culture typically doesn’t teach them. Follow her on Twitter for a daily inspiration and do not forget to also subscribe to her award-winning podcast: Brave, Not Perfect.

  5. codergirl_. Laura Medalia is a software engineer in New York City and a creative influencer on Instagram, known as @codergirl_. She is combining her passions in tech and fashion to create her own clothing collection. Her Instagram page is full of information on the latest developments, whether it’s COVID-19 Global Hackathon or new iOS features. Oh, and did we mention her blog? It is a great evidence that technology can be fun, creative and cross-disciplinary as it covers a mix of topics, from computer science to productivity and fashion.  

  6. Estefannie Explains It All. Estefannie is a self-proclaimed imagineer who combines her software engineering profession with her hobby to create fun, exciting content for YouTube. She likes programming, playing with electronics and making videos about it. YouTube isn’t her only outlet, though. With nearly 62,000 subscribers, Estefannie’s Instagram game is strong, where you will find insights into her daily routine as well as the pictures of 3D printing face shields she is currently sending out to hospitals in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  7. ndakota_kate. Meet Kate Gunderson, an engineer who is on a mission “to empower women to confidently thrive in the world of STEM.” On her blog, she shares stories about navigating college in an engineering field and scoring her dream job at NASA straight out of school. Outside of engineering and aerospace, Kate is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys weightlifting and running. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her blog to learn about the exciting opportunities available to engineers, or to get inspired to chase your wildest dreams and make them a reality.

  8. carmenfontana.* Carmen Fontana is an alumna of Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor’s in Systems & Control Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering. She shares that she loves to ramble about all things emerging tech in writingon podcasts, and at conferences. With over twenty years of experience, her zen is when innovation meets data-driven decision making. By day, she leads Centric Consulting’s Modern Software Delivery practice, focusing on Cloud & Emerging Tech. Noted facts: Cancer Survivor, Soccer Mom, and Donut Mile Champion.

  9. dasani_decoded.* Dasani is a CWRU WIT alumna and Program Manager at Microsoft where she works with developers, designers, customers and departments to design and implement features for Microsoft's ERP product Dynamics Supply Chain Management. On her blog, Dasani writes about a variety of tech-related topics, whether it’s a “step-by-step guide to nailing technical interviews” or profile articles/interviews with successful women in tech. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, too, where she can be found doodling, eating ice cream or hanging out with her newly adopted dog, Ziggy.


Contributed by:

Evren Gurkan-Cavusoglu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Faculty Director for CWRU WIT Initiative
Case Western Reserve University

Tea Kokhreidze
Content Manager, CWRU WIT Initiative