Spotlight on GHC Attendee Olivia Love

Olivia Love, Computer Engineering, ‘21

With generous support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, CWR WIT students were able to secure funding to take part in the 2020 virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), a conference that brings the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront.

 Olivia Love, Computer Engineering, ‘21

What was it like to attend Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) virtually this year? 
The virtual conference was definitely different from the in-person conferences in the past, but it was still really enjoyable. I was able to re-watch sessions after the conference ended, so I could focus on networking during the conference and still learn some really valuable information.

What are your tips on navigating GHC and how did you work to stand out online or in virtual breakout rooms? 
The conference can be a little overwhelming, so I found it helpful to make a plan of which sessions I wanted to attend and who I wanted to talk to in the networking sessions. In online breakout rooms, make sure to ask questions and try to make personal connections with the people you are talking to. Do some research beforehand so you know a little bit about who you're talking to and can tailor your questions to be more specific.

What are the things the first time GHC attendees should keep in mind? What advice would you give them? 
Keep an open mind going into GHC, and talk with everyone you can because opportunities are everywhere! You never know who you're talking to and what they have to offer.

How do you see GHC helping in your internship or career search? 
I was able to make a lot of connections with people across different industries, learn about different companies, and better determine what I am looking for in a career. This helped me moving forward with getting job interviews.