Stephanie Hippo

Site Reliability Engineer, Google

About Stephanie: Stephanie has been at Google for three years and an SRE for two of those. She joined Google through its Engineering Residency program and became an active and recognized mentor for the cohorts of residents that followed after. She enjoys exploring the data-driven nature of reliability work, teaching teams how to adopt reliability principles, and encouraging the career growth of others. Prior to Google, she attended Case Western Reserve University, where she breathed new life into her local computing club, coded on healthcare software at places like MIM Software, Philips Healthcare, and Explorys (now part of IBM Watson Health), and worked in a career office on campus throughout undergrad. Away from the keyboard, she enjoys baking desserts, playing soccer, and cuddling with her lazy, tiny dog.

Company: Google: Site Reliable Engineering

Engage: LinkedIn | Twitter 

Words of Wisdom: “Learn how to advocate [for yourself] and communicate your work. Find more senior-level women that can teach you to speak up.”