3 (of many) business leaders you’ll learn from at CWRU

Faculty and students in classroom setting

When you study at the Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll be learning from some of the most accomplished business minds and business leaders around.

You’ll learn from them in class. You’ll tap into their experience as mentors and advisors. Their network is now your network, and that will take you far.

Who are some of the business leaders you’ll learn from at CWRU? 

  • A former partner of both McKinsey and Booz Allen, chief operating officer for American Greetings and senior vice president of supply chain for Joann Fabrics
  • A data mining and visualization expert who developed interpretable artificial intelligence models to help diagnose chronic and infectious diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19
  • An experienced researcher and operations management leader who publishes regularly on topics like focuses on predictive and prescriptive analytics, large-scale optimization, and machine learning and their applications in real-world problems

When you learn from the best, it’s easy to see how you’ll become your best. It’s their business to see you become the future of business.