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Student walking in front of KSL

Early Decision students knew Case Western Reserve was the first choice for them as they were applying to college. 

Some say it was the atmosphere...
"When I came for my first visit, I could see myself spending the next four years here. The people are welcoming, the campus is beautiful, and there are endless opportunities and experiences to be found in Cleveland."—Kalista Tapas ’23 (See our campus—from right where you are with a virtual tour).
"It felt right… I used my instincts."—Maxwell Schleifer ’23

For others, it was the spirit of collaboration...
"Students and faculty go out of their way to make sure everyone feels supported socially and academically."—Hailey DeGeorge '23
"They made me feel that I belonged here."—Brieannah Johnson ’23

Maybe it was the high-velocity academics...
"It was the only place that led me to believe that I was nowhere near my capacity for learning and it offered to fill that need."—Andrew Kresic ’23

Or being surrounded by greatness…
"There are so many opportunities to meet a wide variety of people and build a meaningful community."—Eve Yoder ’23

For at least one, it was summed up in one word...
"think[box]."—Reilly McDowell ’23

We hope you, too, will consider an early route to the Class of 2025.

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