Nursing Students Laughing

A few first-year nursing and pre-med students at Case Western Reserve University were recently interviewed and shared their experiences. 

Only about a year ago, they were deciding what they might major in and which college would be the best choice to get them there. So, what did they learn about CWRU between then and now that brought them to our campus?

Luke was all about those 1,300 clinical hours: “The amount of clinical experience I could have as a nurse here is more than [just about] anywhere in the country.”

William loved the location: “As a pre-med student, having renowned hospitals near campus was definitely a strong [reason] why I chose CWRU.”

Brieannah felt at home during a campus visit: “Everyone I met was so helpful and welcoming, and they made me feel that I belonged here.”

And Eve just couldn’t wait to jump into the full college experience: “I want to go into the medical field, and I loved how CWRU was so close to multiple hospitals. I knew I would have a lot of opportunities to get involved in things that I’m passionate about!”