From Case to Space: Engineers Week at CWRU

Mousetrap-powered-car built by engineering students

“What I learned at CWRU—the discipline, the study habits, the connections I made—prepared me for everything else that was to come. I was ready for any challenge.”
—Astronaut and alum Don Thomas

Case Western Reserve University recently commemorated Engineers Week, an annual student-run, seven-day celebration of engineers’ contributions to society, and it was the kind of spectacle you’d only get at an internationally renowned engineering school.

A field hockey game with robots

Shark Tank-esque pitch competitions 

Mousetrap-powered-car competitions (pictured above)

And the clincher: Advice from astronaut Don Thomas, whose fondness for his CWRU days inspired him to bring Cleveland’s famed Ballpark Mustard on one of his four shuttle missions because… well… space food is bland.

We can’t wait to hear what piece of CWRU you’ll take with you on your journey.