How our students landed internships this summer

Student on laptop

With 99 percent of Case Western Reserve University business students completing at least one internship before graduation, it’s not unusual that our faculty tap into their vast networks to help students connect with coveted positions.

This spring, though, CWRU faculty member and entrepreneurship expert Michael Goldberg took things a step further—or, really, more like several giant leaps forward—to ensure that students across CWRU wouldn’t miss out on resume-boosting experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Goldberg saw the move to a remote workforce lead to canceled internships for some CWRU students, he sprang into action to create the Remote Entrepreneurship Project Program, which has matched more than 100 CWRU students seeking internships with established businesses and startups across the country.

Read about it on Forbes.

Business student Bob Faller is working from his family’s home in Columbus, Ohio, for a marketing media company headquartered in Atlanta. Engineering student Megan Nellis and business student Lauren Butia are completing competitive analyses, performing search engine optimization and more for Natalist, a Charleston, South Carolina, startup that produces and sells fertility and pregnancy products. Lauren is completing her internship from Kenya and Megan is in Maryland. 

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