I take my coffee with milk, sugar and art

Art work at The Coffee House

If there were an intersection where art met community service and social mobility met coffee… it would point to the center of the Case Western Reserve University campus.

This semester, the walls of The Coffee House at University Circle, a favorite student hangout, are covered with artwork by CWRU students. And they’re not just showing off. 

They’re members of a student-run organization, Art Forward, that encourages youth to channel emotion through art. The CWRU students have donated their works to raise funds to support the college dreams of local youth living in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center. The works range from $7 to $200.

“Being able to use art to promote social justice has been really meaningful,” says first-year student Scott Wang, who contributed four pieces to the show. “I hope that the art I’ve made will make an impact on youth who value education as a key component in their lives.”