Meet our 1,600 new students 👋

class of 2025

This week, more than 1,600 new first-year students took their first classes as Case Western Reserve University students. They moved into their residence halls, started making new friends and spent the week learning about the opportunities available to them on campus and throughout University Circle and Cleveland

Who are they?

High achievers...

  • Selected from a pool of more than 33,000 applicants

...from around the world...

  • 15% from outside the U.S. 
  • Citizens of 76 different countries, who speak 67 different languages 

...who were engaged in high school...

  • 80% volunteered in their community
  • 68% played a sport
  • 54% involved in the arts
  • 47% worked a part time job 
  • 22% led their classmates as members of student government

...and are ready to take on the opportunities that lie ahead.

  • Like classes before them, 99% of them can look forward to taking part in experiential learning, like research and creative endeavors and internships.

These students had choices, and they chose Case Western Reserve as their home. They saw our campus with its unparalleled access to high-quality arts, cultural, health care, scientific, business and community engagement institutions that will serve as their learning laboratory where they will begin their paths to impressive outcomes.

See it for yourself.