Meet our director of innovation, Ian Charnas

Ian Charnas

Ian Charnas, director of innovation and technology at Sears think[box], helps students bring their ideas to life. He's one of many people at CWRU that we'd like you to get to know, so we asked him a few questions.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CWRU?
My favorite thing about the university right now is Sears think[box], where I work. Students who like to make things will find instant, free and friendly access to millions of dollars of high-tech equipment for 3D printing, laser cutting, metal-working and more.

Do you have one piece of advice for incoming students?
This is a safe place to be smart. Be kind to beginners. Bring your intellectual curiosity and do interesting things.

What’s something that should be on every student’s Cleveland bucket list?
My favorite thing in Cleveland right now is Superelectric Pinball Parlor on the west side. In the age of virtual entertainment, there is something exciting about a game where the "physics engine" is provided by reality.

What’s something unique to campus that students might not know?
CWRU shares a campus with the world renowned Cleveland Institute of Art. Make friends with CIA students. They will expand your mind... and your social calendar.