Because science textbooks can’t teach you everything

Students received devices and kits to conduct experiments remotely.

Putting learning into action is an integral part of the Case Western Reserve University experience. So as some students continue their CWRU education remotely this semester, forgoing the hands-on and collaborative nature of lab experiences was not an option. 

Faculty in the Department of Physics, for example, developed remote laboratory experiences that show students, as faculty member Diana Driscoll says, “that physics isn't just some formulas in a book.”

Students use a device called an iOLab and Arduino-based kits that shift in-person laboratory experiences to online ones, without diminishing essential components of the learning process. 

Sarah Gotkiewicz, a senior majoring in biology and dance, says faculty going that extra mile to ensure a high-quality education is “standard at CWRU.”

“The faculty at CWRU want to see their students excel and are willing to put in extra time and effort to ensure success in their students' future,” she says.

That’s how it goes at CWRU. Nothing will stop us from putting your success first.