Here’s what’s been on our minds

Student and faculty member look at a book

Case Western Reserve University’s faculty are intellectual powerhouses—experts in their fields, renowned for the knowledge they contribute to the world. They share their fresh insights in research journals and our classrooms. 

And, often, they contribute their unique expertise to national conversations, speaking their minds on a range of contemporary issues. Such as...

  • Vicki Daniel, a SAGES teaching fellow and instructor of history, wrote a review of the HBO documentary Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America. 
  • English’s Marilyn Sanders Mobley penned a tribute to author Toni Morrison. 
  • Anthropologist Lihong Shi discussed the recent changes in the long-held tradition of Chinese couples trying for a son. 
  • Philosophy’s Jeremy Bendik-Keymer co-authored a piece about trauma in contemporary art. 

As a student at Case Western Reserve, you’ll soak up such knowledge (and so much more) straight from the source. What have you been thinking about? Chances are, we have an expert in that.