Nursing competence and confidence comes with practice

The Clinical Teaching Bed Lab in the HEC

Case Western Reserve University nursing students spend more than 1,300 hours in hospitals with patients—that’s nearly double the national average. They complement this real-world patient care in simulated scenarios that allow them to safely practice critical nursing skills, thanks to our technologically advanced learning spaces.

Check out our learning spaces:

A physical assessment lab that houses human patient simulators, physician-grade electronic exam tables, diagnostic kits and more to practice basic and advanced physical assessments.

A clinical teaching bed lab that simulates an in-patient medical-surgical or step-down unit, including ventilators, lifts and a full-sized ADA hospital bathroom.

A medication room equipped with a medication-dispensing system, bar-coding techniques, synthetic medications and locked cabinetry to provide a realistic setting for best practices in preparing patient medications.

Equipped with a superior level of life-like practice, it’s no surprise our nursing students confidently approach the intricacies of real-life patient care—in clinicals and in their careers—with confidence.