What to look for in a nursing school

HEC building

Your nursing education should set you apart as a leader in the field. That’s what we do at Case Western Reserve University


  1. Clinical experiences that start just three weeks into your first semester, meaning you’ll graduate with nearly twice as much clinical experience as the national average.
  2. Access to a health care city that is second to none—on a campus with three major medical facilities in walking distance, including the second-ranked hospital in the U.S.: Cleveland Clinic.
  3. A focus on “interprofessional education,” meaning you learn and practice side-by-side with medical and dentistry students on our Health Education Campus. Because that’s the way health care is delivered in the real world—by compassionate professionals, in collaboration with each other and their patients.

Health care is a team sport. With the experiences you’ll gain at the bedside, surrounded by top caregivers, in collaboration with some of the nation’s most promising future health care professionals, in one of the most technologically advanced learning spaces in the world... that’s the stuff that leaders are made of. That is what will set you apart.