3 science majors win nationally competitive Goldwater Scholarships

Goldwater recipients

For those pursuing careers in math, engineering and the natural sciences, the name Barry Goldwater reigns supreme. The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is known as the “preeminent undergraduate award of its type in these fields.” This year, three Case Western Reserve University undergraduates were awarded the honor.

They join 25 other CWRU students who have earned the award or an honorable mention since 2007.

Meet our newest Goldwater Scholars.

Junior Zahin Islam is a systems biology major with a minor in computer science whose research is exploring a protein that may be able to mask HIV in the body. He plans to enter a MD/PhD program focused on computational biology.

Daniel Shao is a senior majoring in computer science and biology. Working in the CWRU Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, his research is focused on predicting disease outcomes by using machine learning to analyze the pathology of cancerous breast tissue.

Senior Evan Vesper is studying electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and French. In the lab, he is using electrical stimulation to residual nerves to help veterans who use prosthetics have improved balance and more natural experiences.

Key to earning nationally competitive scholarships like the Goldwater are significant research experience and demonstrating potential to successfully complete an advanced degree. With CWRU’s reputation for rigorous academics, and 85 percent of STEM students taking part in research and creative endeavors, you, too, could be on track to follow Zahain, Daniel and Evan’s path.