3 truths and a lie: Jordan D.

Jordan D.

Let’s play a game: 3 truths and a lie about Case Western Reserve University junior Jordan Deskins:

  1. She’s majoring in international studies and Spanish, with minors in Arabic and photography. After graduation, she plans to study international development in graduate school and has set her goals squarely on working for Oxfam.
  2. She’s the team lead for a Humanitarian Design Corps water filtration project in the Dominican Republic. As a humanitarian leading a team of mostly engineering students, Jordan says her role has been to not only take the reins as a project manager but also as the group’s “cultural representative,” leading the team in considering the economic and social impacts of bringing water to a remote community.
  3. She interned this summer with the InterReligious Task Force on Central America Research and Advocacy, studying the forces that have discouraged and prohibited Mexican labor unions from forming. She continues to present her findings to train staff at organizations dedicated to immigration and economic reform in Central and Latin America.   
  4. She taught English in Nepal to 7th and 8th graders and tutored English as a second language. 



The lie: #1 - Jordan would also be happy to work for Amnesty International in the future. 

Get to know our students. You’ll like them. (No lie).