An engineering student who is so much more

CWRU Senior Hunter Stecko

Senior Hunter Stecko knows how to make the most of his years at Case Western Reserve University, and the university is better for it. He’s a double major in electrical engineering and computer science, who says he’d most want the superpower of bending time.

And for good reason. He’s pretty busy.

  • As president of the Undergraduate Student Government, he developed a system that repurposed fees from student activities to assist students with unanticipated costs from COVID-19, such as urgent travel and storage needs. 
  • Held two internships with Proctor and Gamble.
  • Head teaching assistant for an engineering course.
  • Director of music for the Newman Catholic Student Organization.
  • Research assistant in a biomedical engineering lab.
  • Pursuing a minor in political science… you know, in his spare time.

At CWRU, you’ll do more than engineering. You’ll be part of a dynamic, opportunity-filled community, itching for you to leave your mark.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even figure out that whole time-bending thing.