“Everyone is really so welcoming”

Camille Witt

Camille Witt is a second-year Case Western Reserve University student from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who counts two dance groups and an improv troupe among her favorite ways to spend her time outside of class. 

How do you describe the CWRU culture?

"Community-oriented. I think community is something that students at CWRU can find wherever they are, no matter what they study, no matter what clubs they’re in. Everyone is really so welcoming, and everybody has really diverse interests."

Tell me a bit about what you’re studying.

"I’m a theater and sociology major, so a lot of the classes I’m taking are about how people work and how society works, and I think it’s really fascinating. I’m glad that I’m able to learn about similar things, but from different lenses. A part of the reason I came to CWRU is that I knew I could study both of those things and be able to double major in theater and sociology."

I know you’re involved in CWRU improv. Can you tell me a bit about it?

"The second I got on the troupe, it was like I had seven older brothers and four new older sisters. We have some theater majors, some art history majors, business majors, chemical engineering, all that. It’s a really diverse group of people, and we all come together over improv."

Can you tell me about a special or interesting class?

"I really love my SAGES* professor, Anthony Wexler. He is just super-nice, super-incredible. He really helps to get us to all these really cool places as a class, like we all go new places together in discussion."

*SAGES classes are seminar-style courses that emphasize small-group discussions, writing and critical thinking skills. Learn more.