How to make your internship count

CWRU Sophomore Jothsna Sabbasani

I recently spoke with sophomore Jothsna Sabbasani about her internship this summer at Cleveland nonprofit EYEJ: Empowering Youth, Exploring Justice. There, she witnessed firsthand the digital divide that disadvantages those without access to the internet and worked to help close the gap.

I asked her to share an account of the work she’s doing, and was thoroughly impressed: 

“I am a 2nd year majoring in neuroscience and political science, with a minor in chemistry. 

I joined EYEJ because of its youth-oriented mission to close the digital divide and provide internet access to many children in the city of Cleveland who do not have it. Currently, I am a policy lead at EYEJ, working to form a sustainable policy that helps aid in closing the digital divide. 

I learned from this internship that there are so many like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a positive impact on the community. I grew as a person and as a leader, yet I have so much to learn from everyone at EYEJ. This impactful mission encouraged me to explore my interests in public service. That being said, my long-term goal is to go into an MD/PhD program with a concentration in social sciences.”

When your internship means real experience for you and real benefit for others, what could be better? Two-thirds of CWRU students do at least one internship—and many complete more than one.

Want to make your internship count? At CWRU, you’ll have the people and resources to make it happen.