Meet sophomore Tae-Hee Kim

Tae-Hee Kim

Tae-Hee Kim is a sophomore medical anthropology major and human nutrition minor, who is passionate about going to medical school to become a doctor and be able to help people one day.

We recently sat down with Tae-Hee to ask about her time on campus so far and the people she has met who are helping her advance toward her goal.

What connection have you made on campus that has impacted you the most?
“In my first semester I took Intro to Social and Cultural Anthropology, and the professor, Katia Almeida-Tracy, was also my first-year advisor. Because I declared my major as medical anthropology she will be my advisor for all four years. Being able to connect with her from the very beginning has been extremely helpful for me.” 

Where else do you go for advice or help in your major?
“There’s a lot of undergraduate pre-med organizations here that are supportive. In just my two years here I don’t feel like I’m going into the medical field blind because a lot of the upperclass students are very friendly and have given me advice.”

What has surprised you the most during your time here?
“The diversity on campus and where people come from...the fact that some people come from places like California and have never seen snow before. It’s cool to see people as they get to know Cleveland and experience things for the first time here.” 

What is the culture like at CWRU?
“A lot of the students have a funny sense of humor, which is what brings everyone together. It’s easy to get close to people quickly.”