Nursing student talks about her health care business experience

Jackie Broz, nursing major

“I’ve discovered that my passion for health care exists not only at the bedside care level, but also in a more systemic capacity from the business side.”

—Jackie Broz, nursing major


Studying nursing at Case Western Reserve University is the first step toward a future in health care leadership, and that doesn’t necessarily have to mean a career at patients’ bedsides. CWRU nurses are equally well-equipped to enter fields like health care education, policy-making and, in sophomore Jackie Broz’s case, business leadership.

This fall, Jackie, who is pursuing a major in nursing and a minor in business management, balanced her nursing clinicals and courses with a sales and marketing internship at MCSquared Health, a startup dedicated to using technology to decrease operational burdens on healthcare providers. It was a position she obtained through CWRU’s Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship’s Remote Entrepreneurship Program, which matches students in all majors with affiliated startups around the country.

“As a nursing student, it surprises many that I aim to go into entrepreneurship,” she says. “However, the two are closely connected: Both center around problem-solving and improving the lives of others, and both require resilience, leadership and communication skills. In my time with MCSquared Health, I’ve developed a better understanding of the administrative and billing issues that consume unnecessary time for clinics and providers, and also how these complicated billing processes are difficult for patients.”

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