Video: Senior on how CWRU allowed her to follow her goals


When students are admitted to Case Western Reserve University, they are empowered to pursue the fields that best suit their interests. 

Sriya Donthi is a prime example. 

Sriya is a senior pre-med student double majoring in biology as well as history and philosophy of science, who recently published her collection of poetry, because you’re made of stardust. She also founded the Women’s Weightlifting Club student group on campus, is on the executive board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is part of the executive board for CWRU’s collegiate Indian dance competition.

“I was able to pursue my dual interests in the humanities and the sciences, while still having the time and energy to put into my personal creative interests,” Sriya says. “The faculty in both departments were extremely encouraging.”

Sriya will begin medical school in the fall. Her poetry book is now available as a hard copy through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

At CWRU, you’ll be encouraged by a team of professionals who champion you as you follow your goals: med school, grad school, career, research, extracurricular interests and more. 

Surround yourself with opportunity and you’ll go far.