What an anatomy fashion show looks like

Anatomy fashion show

We recently sat down with junior Nina Lui-Guechev to talk about Cleveland’s medical community, cancer research and what, exactly, an Anatomy Fashion Show is.

What piqued your interest in CWRU?
"I loved that there were three major hospitals nearby. I have a friend who went here and he had a lot of good things to say. When I came on campus, I really loved the community aspect."

Can you tell me about your professors?
"All of my professors have been published in academic/scholarly journals and have conducted research to further their fields. My Human Osteology professor, Scott Simpson, led the team that actually found Lucy, one of our earliest human ancestors! Dr. Atwood Gaines was one of the founders of the field of medical anthropology. He and I would sometimes bump into each other at Starbucks, and we'd just sit and chat for an hour."

How have you taken advantage of the medical community in Cleveland?
"I’ve volunteered and shadowed doctors at University Hospitals. It’s a teaching hospital, so they’re expecting students to ask to shadow them. I did research on campus, too. I’m looking at how therapies for ovarian cancer that are effective for those with the BRCA gene mutation work in a BRCA-healthy population."

What’s something you’ve done here that you never expected?
"I’m a member of the medical fraternity on campus, Phi Delta Epsilon. I’m on the Exec Board now and we put on a lot of great events, including our Anatomy Fashion Show. It’s a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The models wear bodysuits that we’ve painted with various bodily structures. There are emcees who teach the audience about the historical and medical structures depicted. It’s a lot of fun."