Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for the major and minor in cognitive science through the Department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University can be found in the General Bulletin. In addition to satisfying general education requirements, you will take five foundational courses and five electives. 

Explore the course listings and program features below, and contact us if you have any questions!

Foundation Courses

Course Code and Title Credits
COGS 101: Introduction to Cognitive Science (typically taught in fall) 3
COGS 102: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience (typically taught in spring) 3
COGS 201: Human Cognition in Evolution and Development (typically taught in fall) 3
COGS 202: Cognition and Culture (typically taught in spring) 3

Methods Course Options 

  • ANTH 319: Introduction to Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences
  • PSCL 282: Quantitative Methods in Psychology
  • STAT 201: Basic Statistics for Social and Life Sciences
  • COGS 330: Cognition and Computation - Requires approval. Talk to your advisor about how COGS 330 might be used to fulfill the methods requirement.
Total Units 15

Program Features

Foundation courses are all entry level and can be taken in any order. That’s right—you can start with any course, any semester.


Fifteen approved elective credit hours are required—typically five courses. At least three of these courses must be at the 200 or 300 level. There is no list of courses that can be used to fulfill elective requirements. Students design different foci for their major by choosing a set of electives that focus on the study of advanced higher-order human cognition as part of a unified COGS degree.

Your advisor will guide you through this process. You can also review answers to common questions about fulfilling the major requirements.