h.lab Embedded

Supported by a Think Big RFP grant (Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity and Technology) from the Office of the Provost, Case Western Reserve University. 

This project seeks to develop capacity for interdisciplinary human-tech collaboration by designing, building, and testing a shared vocabulary and framework for embeddable, team-based ethical engagement with and critical reflection on new research in AI/machine learning, data science and other emerging technologies. We will test our team model and process by embedding ourselves in specific research projects at CWRU. The model will also be adaptable to enterprise projects outside the academy.

Our specific focus in this initial planning phase is on developing a Mixed Reality Teaching and Learning Framework (MRTLF) in Canvas to facilitate ethical engagement with and critical reflection on mixed reality (MR) technologies such as HoloLens in the context of higher education.

Project team includes Timothy Beal, Michael Hemenway, Justin Barber, and Bharat Ranganathan.