What to Expect in Your Consultation

Welcome!  If you are a first-time user of the Writing Resource Center (WRC), this page will provide you with an overview of what to expect during your appointment.

  1. Your consultant will greet you and ask some initial questions about your writing project, its parameters, and your own writing process.
  2. Your consultant will ask you about your priorities for revision and what you want to focus on in the session. Common areas of focus include brainstorming, refining a thesis statement, revising organization, presenting and analyzing evidence, developing transitions, crafting effective introductions and conclusions, documenting sources, and fine-tuning grammar and style.
  3. If you have a draft, your consultant may ask you to read through it out loud. Reading the draft aloud allows both writer and consultant to become more familiar with the ideas and the language in the draft and to recognize any errors in expression. (If reading aloud makes you uncomfortable, let your consultant know and they can read it aloud instead).
  4. Throughout the session, the consultant will focus on helping you articulate your ideas as clearly and persuasively as possible. During your session, your consultant will ask you questions and help you to experiment with various rhetorical strategies. We encourage you to ask lots of questions, too!
  5. Near the end of the session, your consultant will work with you to decide on your next steps: to develop a writing plan, which may entail the writing you will complete after the session; and/or to schedule additional appointments.