Chia-Chu Chiang

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Case School of Engineering

Research Information

Research Interests

My research interests include neural modulation on seizure control, non-synaptic seizure generation, and seizure propagation mechanisms. Our group has shown that neural activity can propagate through electric field coupling without synaptic transmission. We will develop a new technology to control seizures based on the mechanism of electric field coupling. We will also study whether electric field coupling is involved in the effect of transcranial electric stimulation, which is a non-invasive stimulation and has been shown to improve seizure control, motor dysfunction, and cognitive performance.


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  • Shivacharan RS, C-C Chiang, Wei X, Subramanian M, Couturier NH, Pakalapati N, et al. Neural recruitment by ephaptic coupling in epilepsy. Epilepsia 2021; 62(7): 1505-17.
  • C-C Chiang, RS Shivacharan, X Wei, LE Gonzalez-Reyes, DM Durand, “Slow periodic activity in the longitudinal hippocampal slice can self-propagate non-synaptically by a mechanism consistent with ephaptic coupling’” Journal of Physiology-London, 597:249-269, 2019.

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