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Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice

Experience Beyond the Classroom

The Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice connects students with opportunities to integrate fundamentals from the classroom into the real world. BME students are often engaged in one or more of more of the following experiences beyond the classroom that providing a chance to apply engineering talents across disciplines, across the campus and beyond

  • Internship and Co-op experiences: The engineering co-op at Case Western Reserve University provides a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on, paid experience relevant to their course of study.
  • Dual degree programs: The DELPP Undergraduate 3-2 Dual Degree Program blends a strong, technical engineering perspective with in-depth knowledge of humanities and social sciences to provide you with the perfect opportunity to customize your career path with two Bachelor’s degrees.
  • Design competitions: You’ll get real-world, hands-on experience in working with multidisciplinary teams by entering design competitions. Competitions challenge you and your teammates to develop ideas for products or businesses that solve problems in society and present them to judges—who may become valuable networking contacts, mentors, employers or investors.

Our program offerings are dynamic; we’re continually seeking new and innovative avenues to aid in your personal and professional growth, including global engineering experiences. All will help you build and strengthen your connections to the engineering community. Find out more from the DELPP website

Career Center

The career center is an excellent resource for you to research your future. Whether it's deciding which specialty you want to pursue or how that specialty can translate into a career or professional school, the career center can help you discover and explore your options with the following resources:

  • Career fairs
  • Career counseling
  • Career assessment
  • Career workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • Career resource library
  • Counseling appointments