William Marcus

Research Assistant IV
Neural Engineering Center
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Manager of the Biomedical Engineering Resources Core and Wickenden Surgical Suite.

Key Job Functions

  • Responsible for fully maintaining an active surgical suite, ensuring compliance along regulatory agency requirements, including IACUC, AAALAC, and USDA, ensuring protocol is documented, updated, and facilitating team meetings between veterinary staff and those performing surgeries on many different species of mammal.
  • Responsible for training, advising, and supervision of researchers, including faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate students in surgical skills and proper use of surgical equipment and animal assets during all phases of short and long-term protocols.
  • Coordinate surgeries and procedures for various Principal Investigators within the department, and University, as well as across research institutions.
  • Responsible for animal welfare through all phases of life-cycle, including monitoring and assisting during surgeries, readings of implants, daily enrichment, and perioperative care.
  • Responsible for set-up and clean-up of equipment, procurement of medications and supplies, disposal of experimental materials, and certification of all equipment.
  • Administer anesthesia and monitor subjects throughout surgical procedures by giving fluids, monitoring body temperature, blood glucose levels, and managing pain to help ensure a successful outcome for the study.