In the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, we host a number of labs in which research teams work to push the limits of what's possible in our field. Take a moment to get to know the labs that exist in our department.

Rollins Lab

In the Rollins Lab, researchers use optical and near-optical imaging to understand biology. 

Biomedical Imaging Laboratory

The research team in the Biomedical Imaging Laboratory conducts pre-medically and medically relevant research in imaging science and offers training to students. 

Capadona Lab

In the Capadona Lab, researchers focus on developing a molecular-level understanding of the neuroinflammatory response to implantable neuromodulatory/rehabilitative devices.

Gratzl/Biomedical Sensing Lab

Research in the Gratzl/Biomedical Sensing Lab encompasses cost-effective body-fluid diagnostics, single cell level cancer research, and the development of micro-miniature implantable sensors for glucose and electrolytes for use by diabetic patients.

Gustafson Lab

The Gustafson Lab research team's focuses include restoration of bladder function after neurological disorders and harnessing skeletal muscle power for cardiac assistance.