Gustafson Lab Research

Professor Gustafson's research interest is in the areas of neural engineering and neural prostheses. His research interests focus on understanding the systems-level neurophysiology and neural control of pelvic functions, and using this information to design and develop neural prostheses that interface with native spinal neural circuitry and restore physiologic function. Lower urinary tract dysfunction can have a devastating clinical impact. Therefore his efforts include developmental and pre-clinical studies to translate research advances into clinical implementation at the earliest opportunity.

Projects include both animal models and individuals with neural dysfunction include peripheral activation of spinal circuits to activate and inhibit bladder function, development of an implanted neural prosthesis able to selectively record and stimulate neural pathways and restore bladder function, exploring neural anatomy fundamentals to improve peripheral nerve electrode design, neural recording of organ activity as a control source for closed-loop neural prostheses, commercial activities to translate research discoveries into clinical practice, and combining neuromuscular stimulation and myoplasty to harness skeletal muscle power for cardiac assist and rehabilitation applications.

If you'd like to get involved with the Gustafson Lab at Case Western Reserve University, contact Dr. Gustafson.