ARTER, CHARLES KINGSLEY (24 Apr. 1875-22 Mar. 1957) was a senior partner in the Cleveland-based firm of ARTER & HADDEN, founded in 1843 as Willey & Cary, the oldest law firm in Ohio.

Born in Cleveland to Frank and Eliza (Kingsley), Arter attended Cleveland public schools, graduating from Amherst College in 1898, and Harvard Law School in 190l. He was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 190l, then returned to Cleveland where he was admitted to the Ohio bar and began his practice as a firm member of Smith, Taft & Arter.

Arter left Smith, Taft & Arter in 1918 to join the firm of Hoyt, Dustin, Kelley, McKeehan & Andrews. He turned down a Federal judgeship in 1920 to continue his practice, specializing in corporation, bankruptcy and labor law (representing employers). In 1929 Arter's name was added to the firm which became known as Dustin, McKeehan, Merrick, Arter & Stewart. In 1951 the firm merged with Andrews, Hadden & Putnam to create Arter, Hadden, Wykoff & Van Duzer. In l969 the firm went simply by the name Arter & Hadden.

Arter was a board of trustee member of St. Luke's Hospital, CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY, PHILLIS WHEATLEY ASSN., the Welfare Federation, the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, and BALDWIN-WALLACE COLLEGE. He was president of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (1935), vice-president of the Ohio Rubber Co., and director of the Land Title Guarantee & Trust Co.

Arter married Grace Denison in 1902. They had three children: Elizabeth, Charles Jr. and Calvin. Arter was a Methodist. He is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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