BENEDICT, GEORGE A. (5 Aug. 1812-12 May 1876), was the editor of the CLEVELAND HERALD from 1857-76. Born in Watertown, N.Y. to Amos and Ann (Stone) Benedict, he moved to Cleveland in 1835, shortly after his admittance to the bar. He practiced law for several years, also serving briefly as city attorney and president of the city council. In 1848 he was appointed clerk of the superior court, which he filled until the court's abolition under the Constitution of 1851. In 1853 Benedict purchased an interest in the Cleveland Herald, to which he had previously contributed articles. When JOSIAH A. HARRIS left the Herald in 1857, Benedict succeeded him as editor, forming a new partnership with the paper's other proprietor, A.W. Fairbanks, as Fairbanks, Benedict & Co.

Benedict kept the Herald on a course of conservative Republicanism through the Civil War and Reconstruction years. He was rewarded in 1865 by appointment as postmaster of Cleveland, a position he held for 4 years. However Benedict's cautious stewardship of the Herald was no match for the aggressive Republicanism of EDWIN COWLES of the CLEVELAND LEADER, and by the end of the war, the Herald had surrendered its competitive advantage to the upstart Leader. A vestryman of ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Benedict was married on 12 July 1839 to Sarah Rathbone. They had one son, George, and 2 daughters, Mary and Harriett. After his son's death in 1871, Benedict's health began to deteriorate, and after a long illness he died. His executor sold his interest in the Herald to his partner, Fairbanks. Benedict is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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