The BROOKLYN ARTILLERY, also called the Brooklyn Light Artillery, was an artillery militia company from Brooklyn Twp. Organized prior to 1853, the BLA drilled in company with the CLEVELAND LIGHT ARTILLERY and Ohio City Artillery in unison, forming a complete battery of 6 field pieces with 75 horses and 96 officers and men. In 1860 the BLA, commanded by Capt. Pelton, was mustered as Company C, FIRST REGIMENT OF LIGHT ARTILLERY, Ohio Volunteer Militia, commanded by Col. JAMES BARNETT of Cleveland. Company C campaigned with the 1st Regiment in western Virginia (Apr.-July, 1861) during the opening months of the CIVIL WAR and returned to Cleveland on 29 July. On 9 Aug. 1861, patriotic citizens of BROOKLYN held a banquet in a grove near Brooklyn Center (now W. 25th St. and Broadview Rd.) to welcome the victorious artillerymen home.

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