The BRUSH FOUNDATION was established in 1928 in Cleveland by CHARLES F. BRUSH, in memory of his son, Charles F. Brush, Jr. (d. 1927). The foundation supported the fledgling Maternal Health Assn. of Cleveland (later PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF GREATER CLEVELAND, PPGC) and played a significant role in the organization and funding of the Intl. Planned Parenthood Federation (1949). Brush directed the original $500,000 bequest towards "furtherance of research in the field of eugenics and in the regulation of the increase of population." The foundation's first major project, the Brush Inquiry into the growth and development of CHILDREN AND YOUTH, attracted national attention and contributed to the knowledge of bone age. Also supported by other foundations, such as the Spelman Fund of the Rockefeller Foundation, NY, the Inquiry was led by Brush Foundation president THOMAS WINGATE TODD of the Medical School of Western Reserve Univ. (WRU, see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIV.). The foundation's first board members were EDNA BRUSH PERKINS, attorney Jerome C. Fisher (of THOMPSON, HINE & FLORY), DOROTHY HAMILTON BRUSH, Rev. Joel B. Hayden (pastor of FAIRMOUNT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH), and Rosalyn Campbell Weir.

First located at the WRU medical school, in 1994 the Brush Foundation was headquartered in the Euclid Ave. offices of PPGC. It has supported projects for FAMILY PLANNING, sex education (including efforts by the HEALTH MUSEUM), and women's freedom of choice to have abortions (including projects by the National Abortion Rights Action League). No grants were given to individuals or for endowments, scholarships and fellowships, or loans. In 1993 assets of the foundation were $4.14 million, with expenditures of $183,053 for 15 grants. John W. Beeston, M.D. served as president, and Meacham Hitchcock was treasurer.

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