CASTO, FRANK M. (30 May 1875-25 April 1965), a noted dentist and educator at the Western Reserve University Dental School from 1904-37, was born in Blanchester, Ohio, and graduated from the Ohio State University Dental School with a D.D.S. degree in 1898, from the OSU Medical School with a M.D. degree in 1900, and from the OSU Pharmacy School with a Ph.D. degree in 1902. As a junior in dental school, Casto passed the Ohio state dental boards and opened a private practice in 1897 in Plain City, Ohio. He began teaching in 1899 as an instructor at the OSU Dental School. In 1904 he became professor of orthodontics at the WRU Dental School, where he organized its first orthodontic clinic. In 1917, when Casto was appointed dean of the School, dental schools demanded only a high school education of their first-year students. Casto raised the program of instruction to a 4-year curriculum; and in 1922, WRU raised its entrance requirement to 1 year of college. By Casto's retirement in 1937, WRU and all leading dental schools demanded at least 2 years of preprofessional college training for admission. Casto also maintained a private practice in Cleveland and served as president of the local and state dental societies. He married Florence M. Andrus on 20 Feb. 1902 and had 3 children, William, Ruth, and Florence. Awarded emeritus status in 1937, Casto moved to California, where he practiced dentistry and medicine with his son.

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