CERRI, NICOLA (30 Mar. 1875-4 Nov. 1954) widely known physician and Italian consul in Cleveland, was born in Avezzano, Italy, the son of Antonio and Mariannina (Jetti) Cerri. After graduating from Victor Emanuel College at Naples in 1892, he attended the University of Rome, receiving his medical degree in 1898 and practiced in Rome for a year. Cerri came to Cleveland in December 1899, opened his medical practice on Prospect Ave., and helped found the Academy of Medicine in 1902. He served as Italian Counsul 1900-26, aiding many immigrants who settled in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Italian immigration to the Cleveland area increased dramatically after the turn of the century, and for a time Cerri scaled back his practice in order to fulfill his consular duties. In 1930, he helped found the Democratic League of Ohio in 1930 and was appointed United States commissioner general, in charge of all federal exhibits at the GREAT LAKES EXPOSITION 1936-38. He also was appointed supervisor of the census for Ohio in 1940.

Cerri married Josephine Grace Rittman of Washington D.C. in Dec. 1903, and they had a son Nicola Jr. A resident of Cleveland, he died in Washington D.C. and was buried here, at LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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